Motor Carrier/Household Goods Mover Complaint Entry System

Entering a New Complaint

Our goal is to successfully resolve complaints involving consumers and commercial motor carriers in a fair and timely manner. This includes complaints involving buses and household goods movers.

We strongly encourage consumers to first attempt to resolve complaints directly with the company; however we will not reject a complaint if a consumer has not taken this step.

Before beginning the complaint process it will be helpful for you to obtain as much information as possible about the motor carrier in which you are filing a complaint, such as the company name, address, phone number, and/or TxDMV number.

Please note: If you are disputing the charges or claiming loss/damages to your household goods, you should first file a written claim with your mover. TxDMV does not settle claims. However, if necessary you have the right to file for mediation through TxDMV. For additional information regarding your rights and responsibilities visit the Household Moving Guide page of our website.

The first step in entering your complaint will be conducting a search of our database to determine if the company is currently in our system. Click the 'File Complaint' button below to begin the process.

TxDMV reserves the right not to process complaints containing abusive or foul language. Anonymous complaints are not accepted. All complaints received are public record.

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