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Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Apportioned Registration (IRP)

Apportioned registration, also known as the International Registration Plan (IRP), is a program for licensingTexas International Registration Plan logo commercial vehicles engaged in interstate trucking. Apportioned registration lets you obtain registration credentials in one jurisdiction, giving you the freedom of interstate travel without having to purchase trip permits. For more information, review the TxIRP Apportioned Information Packet.

If your commercial vehicle is engaged in interstate operation, you may qualify for apportioned registration. To learn if you qualify, please contact one of our TxDMV regional service centers or send us an e-mail.

Registration Process

If you qualify for apportioned registration, you can obtain your credentials by:

  • Completing and submitting the appropriate registration forms
  • Using our new online registration system, called TxIRP

TxIRP allows you to process your apportioned registration application online instead of mailing in your application or waiting in line at the regional service centers. For more information, read our Renewal Instruction Booklet.

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